Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cheese Steaks and Iran

Hey again. So I'm listening to talk radio here in my area, 1210 AM The Big Talker, and I was pleasantly suprised to hear Joey Vento's commercial about holding our poiticians accountable.
Joey Vento is the owner of Geno's Cheese Steaks in South Philly. Those of you who have been there, I need say no more. For those of you who haven't been, stop what you are doing, put in some vacation time and get down there and have one. I recommend Cheese Wit. Joey Vento is the true American business owner who was persecuted for wanting English to be the primary language in America. Joey is also opposed to ILLEGAL immigration and to address our border security issues.
Okay so Joey Vento...sure we can talk about him but what about Iran? Well I hope you have been following what is going on across the world in the 10/40 Window (go ahead google that... I'll wait) Iran is blaming us for interfering in their "voting" process and meddling in their affairs. Would they possibly retaliate in a...sublte way? How would they do that? They wouldn't think about asking Mexican drug cartels to smuggle in any of their nasty American hating troops and creating havoc here would they? Hmmm. Guess will find out. Speaking of Iran... I could use a good cheesesteak from Geno's. What say you???

Monday, June 15, 2009

Too Close To Home...

Just this past Saturday as I was TRYING to enjoy the day off, the ugly face of illegal immigration reared up in my own town.
On of my officers in my Patrol Division was minding his own business and heading back to the station. Going through an intersection not 100 yards from the police station, he was crashed into by...take a guess...you guessed it, a DRUNK, UNLICENSED, and true to form ILLEGAL ALIEN from Mexico. The officer was dazed and injured his right knee from the collision. The driver and his FIVE drunk, Budweiser drinking amigos were arrested. Thanks to some new programs via NCIC computer and NLETS (technical terms) we were able to learn that in fact the drivers was in fact wanted by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) already but hadn't been caught. Two of the remaining five were in fact illegal and the others are being investigated as they sit in County Jail.
My Character "Jimmy" from Crossing the Line had a similar experience and you may have read about him already. If not, its a great time to buy the book. (Come on, it's all marketing!!) Anyway here's to a quick recover for Ptl. Beckett who had only been with my agency for two weeks. If you've had a similar experience share it. I'm thankful it was an officer on duty who has good health coverage as opposed to a family with a child in the car.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome and Thanks

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. This blog is to introduce you to me, Glenn Rambo and the novels I have written. I also want to discuss the topics of my books, illegal immigration, terroism, anything police, military, or emergency services, and current events that WILL affect your family and their future.
I hope you will take time to read, research, and comment on what we talk about here.
My first two novels "Crossing the Line" and "Holding the Line" are both out and available on Amazon.com, glennrambo.com, bn.com, as well as individual book stores. The novels are about our current and future problems and crises on our Southern Border and are set in a fictional format. A group of border watching volunteers cross paths with major broadcasting news reporters and are caught up in a massive border invasion. Join government officials as they deal hour by hour with the crisis and their own doubts as they try to find an answer to what is happening.
My novels take a very up front and real approach to a situation that is affecting everyone in EVERY state in our nation. As I type this, the headlines in my local newspaper are reporting how an illegal alien from Mexico with no license or permission to be here crashed into and killed a 52 year old woman. We're over 2,500 miles from the US/Mexican border. It can happen anywhere.
A little about myself. I'm a father, a husband, a friend and I have also been a police officer for 20 years. I have dealt with my share of illegal aliens from many different countries of the world. I believe that this is a topic that has been slowly dragging our country down in ways we haven't even seen. We'll talk about that later.
I would really appreciate for you to visit me at www.glennrambo.com and check out the information and then meet me back here for some discussion. I hope to hear from you soon.