Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome and Thanks

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. This blog is to introduce you to me, Glenn Rambo and the novels I have written. I also want to discuss the topics of my books, illegal immigration, terroism, anything police, military, or emergency services, and current events that WILL affect your family and their future.
I hope you will take time to read, research, and comment on what we talk about here.
My first two novels "Crossing the Line" and "Holding the Line" are both out and available on,,, as well as individual book stores. The novels are about our current and future problems and crises on our Southern Border and are set in a fictional format. A group of border watching volunteers cross paths with major broadcasting news reporters and are caught up in a massive border invasion. Join government officials as they deal hour by hour with the crisis and their own doubts as they try to find an answer to what is happening.
My novels take a very up front and real approach to a situation that is affecting everyone in EVERY state in our nation. As I type this, the headlines in my local newspaper are reporting how an illegal alien from Mexico with no license or permission to be here crashed into and killed a 52 year old woman. We're over 2,500 miles from the US/Mexican border. It can happen anywhere.
A little about myself. I'm a father, a husband, a friend and I have also been a police officer for 20 years. I have dealt with my share of illegal aliens from many different countries of the world. I believe that this is a topic that has been slowly dragging our country down in ways we haven't even seen. We'll talk about that later.
I would really appreciate for you to visit me at and check out the information and then meet me back here for some discussion. I hope to hear from you soon.


  1. Hello Glenn. I've read your first book, but not the second one. I am interested in discovering how you resolved the issues presented in CROSSING THE LINE. When I shared your premise with some friends who originally came from Texas, I was quite surprised about how sensitive they are about the illegal aliens issue. They are Hispanic but most certainly legal. He retired from the Air Force and she's a state government worker. Do you have any thoughts on this matter?

  2. Hey Diane, thanks for the post and questions. It is a HUGE problem with multiple angles. I see it from three very different angles, as an American, as a Police Officer, and as a Christian.
    As an American I am outraged at the huge impact illegal aliens (NOT just Mexican but anyone from another country here illegally) Our economy is being shattered, our resources dried up, and our citizens lives being taken. It seems that the problem should have been dealt with some forty years ago but it also seems very little is being done now. I feel our gov't officials turn a blind eye to the problem as they are not directly affected by it AND or benefit from it in some way or another.
    As a Police Officer I feel our judicial system is burdened beyond explanation with arresting, prosecuting, housing and more times than not RELEASING illegal aliens back into our poplulation. I know as I have done this several times.
    As a Christian I see it as a humanitarian problem and the ultimate effects of Illegal Immigration as when they can't find jobs, they are exploited in one way or another by gangs, immoral employers, or any other evil that our country throws at them. In terms of Christianity, every one of the 18-20 MILLION illegals equals a soul the will spend enternity in only one of two places. With my novels I try to address those issues in the many different perspectives that we hear regarding illegal immigration. Who else has a comment or questions???