Monday, June 15, 2009

Too Close To Home...

Just this past Saturday as I was TRYING to enjoy the day off, the ugly face of illegal immigration reared up in my own town.
On of my officers in my Patrol Division was minding his own business and heading back to the station. Going through an intersection not 100 yards from the police station, he was crashed into by...take a guessed it, a DRUNK, UNLICENSED, and true to form ILLEGAL ALIEN from Mexico. The officer was dazed and injured his right knee from the collision. The driver and his FIVE drunk, Budweiser drinking amigos were arrested. Thanks to some new programs via NCIC computer and NLETS (technical terms) we were able to learn that in fact the drivers was in fact wanted by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) already but hadn't been caught. Two of the remaining five were in fact illegal and the others are being investigated as they sit in County Jail.
My Character "Jimmy" from Crossing the Line had a similar experience and you may have read about him already. If not, its a great time to buy the book. (Come on, it's all marketing!!) Anyway here's to a quick recover for Ptl. Beckett who had only been with my agency for two weeks. If you've had a similar experience share it. I'm thankful it was an officer on duty who has good health coverage as opposed to a family with a child in the car.


  1. ohmygosh, Glenn! I'm glad it wasn't YOU. And yes, thankfully no children were hurt and only the officer's knee. Although that's no picnic.

    The only experience I have is sitting in the Social Security Office. About half of us were American and the other half Mexican. You could FEEL the resentment of the Americans. I foresee a revolt happening in the near future. It's a bit scary.

  2. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Ptl. Beckett. When you least expect it....

    Also very glad it wasn't you:)You're a horrible patient.